Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adventure Awaits!

Dang it....I am mad at myself right now. I erased a bunch of pics off the camera before downloading them. GRRRRR. And they were SO cute. There was even one video that captured his first time walking UP the slide. :(.

But on a lighter note....Nana and Papa are on their way! I told Grant that when he wakes up from nap they will be waiting for him. He then sang a nana papa song (adorable) but I doubt he understands the details. He will certainly be jumping for joy when he sees them though. And we get almost a full week with them this time!

Our adventure includes traveling down to hee haw country...Branson MO where my bro bro lives. My parents, Grant and myself will stay in a condo ( but we will get to visit lots. I have not seen my brother in a Im very excited to give the old boy a hug. Then Monday we will head back to Kansas and my folks will stay a few more days before heading back to St Louis.

The house is clean and cut flowers adorn their room. Now I just have to get through the work day :).

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Alison said...

Sounds like a very exciting week ahead!
Good luck getting through work today, and congratulations Grant for working out how to climb up slides!