Thursday, April 10, 2008

Doomsday Scheduled

Well I did it. I just scheduled my dogs death. How messed up is that? When the receptionist confirmed our 4:30 appointment for punched me right in the face! I knew this moment was coming...and I have procrastinated and made excuses long enough. They have both lived good long high quality lives..and that is my solace.

I plan to indulge them over the weekend with excessive attention, pampering and lots of human food! I also want to take them on a hike in the woods...their favorite place. Monday I will have the day off to spend with them and feed them raw liver and stinky things only dogs love. Then at 4:30 we start the process. Thankfully they will have tranquilizers earlier in the day so they will be high as a kite and not have a worry in the world.

These little Happy and Sadi have been with me since they were just weeks old. Happy coming first and then Sadi being adopted 6 months later. They have traveled the country with me and have been at my side through many moves and changes, and through it all they loved me unconditionally. They were the cutest puppies ever:). They have been to dog parks, rainbow gatherings, communes, dozens of campgrounds, trails, lakes and creeks. Overall they have had excellent lives and I hope they can forgive me for ending their lives a bit premature. I know they could hold on longer, but why make them suffer? Their arthritis is bad, they are deaf and mostly blind, one has a tumor that bleeds and Grant annoys the piss out of them. They both have snapped at him (not that he didn't deserve it) but Happy could very well sneak a good bite in someday...especially with her dementia (oh ya...she barks all day at nothing). Happy is 14.5 and Sadi just turned 14 last week.

For now I will focus on making their last hours the best they have had in years...and leave the grieving for next week. This is a rotten thing to have to decide. We never think about this when we are adopting those adorable puppies now do we?


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry, but I got sidetracked by "rainbow gatherings"
I remember them coming to Southern Missouri (around West Plains) in the 90s. It was a HUGE ordeal about hey they were destroying the park and indecent in the public (wearing sacks as shirt, etc).

Anyway... I'm sorry to hear about your puppies. They are part of the family and it's hard to say goodbye.

Jared said...

Sorry to hear about your dogs. It has to be tough. Sounds like they had a very good life though!

Our dog is 10 and we have had a few scares recently where putting him to sleep was very close to being an option. Luckily he pulled through. The day is coming, sooner than later, and I am definitely dreading that day.

Alison said...

Oh honey, what a hard decision. It sounds like you're doing to right thing by them.
Even though it's a sad time, I hope the 14.5 years of great memories bring you lots of joy, too.
Take care.

baby~amore' said...

Sorry to hear your news but only you can decide what is right for your beloved pets.
It takes a lot of heart to release them from pain and suffering.
Remember the dance Garth Brooks.
I think it will be a beautiful way to spend their last day.

Julie said...

I'm sorry about this. I've been there, done that with three of my pooches in the last few years. Even though you know it's the right thing to do, it's still so damm hard making that phone call. Your babies have lived extraordinary lives and were loved by you...who could ask for anything more? Bless all of you.

Beth said...

That's such a tough decision. :( My mom and dad had to do that for their dog (my childhood dog) recently. :( And last year, we had to put one of our cats to sleep. We've got two elderly kitties now and I know their days are coming sooner than I'll be ready for.

Give 'em a great last few days. *hugs*

dawn224 said...

oh... hallmark makes no card that fits how this feels. Have a wonderful weekend full of spoiling them :)