Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Only Child Syndrome

A while back I had posted about my yearning to have another child. I wanted Grant to have a sibling and not grow up an only child. I also wanted to experience pregnancy and child birth just one more time (yes I find child birth to be precious and empowering). Selfish reasons....or course. What other reasons are there to bring another human on this planet?

However, since that time I have turned about face. Instead of trying to get pregnant (on my own which another post altogether) I am instead relaxed and content with my family of 3. As soon as I stopped wanting...a huge burdon was lifted off my shoulders. It was quite dramatic.

Now we (I) do not have to go through 3 trimesters of varying degrees of discomfort and maternal wondering. We are free from the sleepless newborn phase. We do not have to figure out how to give them both of them enough attention, structure or a college education. My husband and I don't have to go back in time...or regress...we can just focus on the future and move forward with our already 21 month old. This is very much a relief.

So for now....I just enjoy dear Grant to the fullest and am grateful that we were able to bring him into the world to join us in the journey of life. He IS enough (more than enough truly). And we will make sure that he has ample access to lots of little friends wherever we may go so that he is never lonely for peers. And when he asks us why he is an only child we will tell him that Daddy is sterile we wanted to be able to take him to distant lands and pay for his education. Is that so wrong?


Alison said...

I think that's beautiful. More power to you and your family.
I grew up an only child and I never missed having siblings. How can you miss something you have no knowledge about?
I'm sure Grant will have a ball growing up with his parents and friends.

Stacy Light Mygatt said...

I think that is perfect! YOu always think things through so wonderfully and word it just right.

Some people are meant to only have one perfect child!!

Scott always just wanted a namesake (William S has been passed down for AGES).... after Alexis was born, he wants 3 more beautiful angels because "she's so perfect" HA HA! Does he not realize the following offspring aren't exactly as the first? men!

Beth said...

Knowing that you are happy with what you've got is huge (especially in the world of 'must have' mentality today). Most importantly, if you're not torturing yourself trying to have another, you can concentrate on Grant and enjoy him all the more!