Friday, October 5, 2007

And Now a Baby Einstein Recall?

I agree with what Christina says regarding all the toy recalls that are happening at an exponential rate.

She writes: "I see three potential and doable options for families.
1. Stop buying toys made in China! A massive boycott surely would have an impact on this problem. Yes, parents, this means that you actually have to research the things you put into your child's hands. Can't trust Target or Walmart to do it for you. Its scary that parents aren't researching these things as it is.
2. Start making your own toys. Provided you're not using other lead tainted items like paint, buttons, glue...God knows what else is out there with lead swimming in it. Which brings me to...
3. Start lead testing all your toys and other items with a lead-test kit, such as the Lead Inspector. Hooo! The lead-testing industry is having a hey-day with this one!"

The situation is out of control! Why are these recalls coming in at such a rapid pace? It is rediculous.

Make sure and check out all the toy recalls (back to 1974) including the most recent (yet notice how 2007 takes up an oddly large portion of the total). Make sure and sign up to be on the subscription you can get emails alerting you to all recalls.

And for those of us who send our children to day care...thats a few dozen more toys that need to be tested and monitored! Im overwhelmed.


Elizabeth F. said...

We love wooden toys for this very reason!

Paula said...

Elizabeth.....make sure you check the list...I was suprised to find many wooden toys as well! They are just as potentially dangerous. Melissa & Doug seems to be all good from what I read on forums. I seriously think I am going to start testing for lead myself.