Thursday, October 18, 2007


Have I mentioned lately that my son is ADORABLE! Here is our check in:

Age: 15 months 1.5 week

Signs: bath, bye bye, bites, all finished, drink, water, milk, shoes, potty, please

Trendy Play: cooking! stirs and mixes then feeds everyone, loves to pretend eat, drink, and most recently throw away things. Also loves riding things...from bicycles to moms back. Still shakes his head till dizzy and screams with glee. .

Interested In: pottying on the big toilet (again), kitchen work, steps, small spaces, hugging and throwing food, music, dancing, babies! Bossing the dogs around and talking not stop (see video)

Scale: 31 inches long and 24 pounds 14 ounces, size 4.5 shoe

Knows anatomy: belly button, ears, eyes, nose, hair, toes, mouth

Thats my grant synopsis for today! His personality blossums more each day...and I fall deeper in love with each passing moment. Im so blessed to have him in my life....reminding me of the simple pleasures and whats really important!

Here is the prophet at work :)

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