Wednesday, October 24, 2007

HIgh Fever Wages Battle on the Bug

Grant had a 103.8 axillary temp last night...that translates to 104.8 core temp...give or a take a bit for error. Anyhoo....its a high fever. His first ever! Originally, I was thrilled bc considering the docs said he may have a compromised immunity...combined with the fact that he hadnt had a serious fever...was a concern to me. Maybe his immune system wasnt strong enough to wage in real battle. However...this is not the case! Grant is duking it out with the bad guys! It was scary when it got that close to being rare (106 is considered rare and worrisome). I did have the doc in town glance at him last night...and his ears are clear and his throat is "fire red". So that is good information...bc now i know he isnt just teething..and that its not his ears again. Oh and the biggest most exciting news is...that he ISNT COUGHING. I should say...he isnt coughing any differently than the normal handful of coughs a day. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME in his life that he hasnt responded to a bug with major respiratory distress! SO EXCITING! Its kinda weird being thrilled with your child being sick....but considering the variables..its a real break through.

So i am at home with my son today. Cuddling, kissing and healing.

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