Friday, October 19, 2007

etsy and the like

Hey ya doing? Im pretty good...just chillin at work...working on my new publication and subsequent promotions. The day is just perfect outside...the sun streaming in the Windows (not in my office for goodness sakes...i dont have that luxury...but thanks to the convex security mirror i had installed i can see the outside world and thus can see the sunshine! dang im brilliant). autumn has certainly arrived with a chill on the breeze a dampness in the air and darkness falling by 7ish.I love living in the midwest where the fullness of each season can be felt, experienced and loathed or loved. Im such a deciduous forest kinda person...although i do have a passion for the temperate rainforest's of the pacific northwest (one of only 3 in the world!). trees and me are tight.

So I wanted to share a very cool website with case you arent cooler than I (which if this is the case i feel for you). Its a freaking phenomenal resource for buyers and sellers of homemade goodies! They call it etsy..and im already hooked. I might even have to get creative and start selling. Be a nice revenue source for this wannabe sahm. Check it out and buy something NOT made in China for a change.

Im working steadfast on my MEAL PLANNER for next week. Finally getting to that point in my endeavor to change my ways. Thanks Christina for giving me that push.

Looking forward to a weekend where we arent traveling and we arent stressed. Oh my MIL is doing great btw and is coming home tomorrow! She is such a trooper. We gotta keep those grandmas around!

Have a great weekend...and be nice...dont push and for goodness sakes....wash your hands.

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