Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ruptured Ear Drum

man today has been BUSY and hectic but fun at the same time.

Grant has a perforated ear drum (bummer). What i had chalked up to teething anger on saturday and sunday ended up being intense pressure building up in his head and the BAHM....bursting. My first clue was the "honey" seeping from his right ear. Other than that...he never tugged or rubbed on his ear at all. He had pointed inside his mouth..while cursing and sighing in exhaustion. Guess the pain was in his head -inside there.

So Monday I took him to the local ol dr stevens (a gem!) who declared what i knew to be true. He strongly encouraged us to use the antibiotics bc there is a serious infection less than an inch from his brain. We upped probiotic to double strength during the treatment. Other than that...we are using cotton balls during showers to reduce entry and keeping him comfortable. The little guy is such a trooper though...has a high pain threshold.

We also took him to the chiropractor monday and tuesday. It helps so much to drain the ears and his jaw was even out a bit. We love love love our chiropractors. They are such good souls..that they treat children for free so they dont miss out! Grant has truly benefited from their goodness. I counted up and he has been there 18 times since January! He really digs getting adjusted...lays there with great anticipation..and usually hugs them afterwards. Its something else.

Hope you are having a quality day! peace


Swanwood Family said...

Jeez, I got all sidetracked by the undies humor up above that I didn't read this until after! My ears hurt in sympathy, poor kiddo. I hope you're all doing alright. Does Grant like kefir? Are you avoiding any foods these days?

Paula said...


Only avoiding peanuts entirely..and blatant tree nuts

We are doing alright...being as optimistic as possible..but still sad for him.