Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bypass Surgery at 8AM

Just found out my mother in law is scheduled to have bypass surgery tomorrow morning! UGH. The little scoundrel has been in the hospital since monday but didnt want to worry only divulged that bit of information last night! What a naughty naughty grandma.

I am concerned for her. No surgery is a small undertaking. I know she is anxious and tired of being in the hospital. Poor sweetie.

My DH is a wreck. He hides it well..and most would not be able to tell...but I hear his change in voice and energy level. He loves his mother to bit and is not used to seeing her laid up. It has us both twitching.

So I am waiting to hear if DH thinks (and is able) to leave tonight or if we shall wait till after work tomorrow to head to st louis. My selfish side is disappointed because I had a fabulous weekend planned for the family. It included Oktoberfest at the winery, pumpkin patch visit and a romantic date (babysitter scheduled and everything). Looks like now we will be having a hospital family reunion. The important thing is that we come together to support dear mum. The blessing is that they found the blockage before a heart attack or stroke! Bonus! If we could all be so fortunate.

In Grant news...his eyebrows became red and started we discontinued the antibiotic. After visiting the doc this morning...he said...if the drug caused the strange reaction...grant is 1 in 1000...i said ...yes thats my son...always unique. The huge huge huge bonus here is that his ear is dried up and healing well so he just let it go. No more antibiotics! pretty cool. way to go grant :).

Please pray or do whatever it is that you do...for my mother in law. Hopefully she will feel great after they get her blood flowing better!

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Stacy V. said...

My father had a triple bypass while I was in college. It was stressful, but he got through it with flying colors!! Takes time to heal, but other than that--blessing!! (((huge hugs to you and Dave))) Everything will be great afterwards.

*Jealous you even got to consider Oktoberfest*