Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Cost of the War in Iraq

Well I ended up coming home to take care of my sick little guy. So part 2 of the saga will have to wait. I have started working on it...but I must say its more of a challenge.....to put it into words...than i had expected. Its good though to think about it all - something as ordinary as peeing now adays...yet as miraculous as a butterfly's metamorphose. I too have pupated...into a milk producing superhero :).

To tide you over...I wanted to share the National Priorities Project website with you. It has an ongoing tab on the glorious war in Iraq which will boggle your mind. Take a minute to click around and compare the cost with children's health care to get a better idea of the scope.

With that in mind I think i will go nurse my feverish babe meditating on peace and honest politicians.

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