Tuesday, October 2, 2007

drum roll please.......

Despite my worst fears...i actually passed the exam today! WHEW...big sigh of relief. honestly...i didnt think i would. I failed the pre test last night..and besides that i thought i had probably rushed the process and would pay the consequence. however...somehow someway...things worked out and now i am officially a CPRP (never heard of it before this blog i am sure). Certified Parks and Recreation Professional is what it stands for and its one of those fun acronyms you can arrogantly place besides your name (for work purposes...not on my personal checks!). Its pretty dorky i agree...but in my field its a step in the right direction.

AHhhhhhhhhhh once again I sigh. Seriously....i was shitting in my pants all morning. I twas excruitiating to study all morning (even though they say dont do that..i had no choice) i kept reaxamining the same stuff over and over. only to find that half the test was information not in the damn study guide! i guess they actually expect people to read the books in the bibliography "for further discussion". who has time to do that? oh maybe peeps without one year olds:)So anyhoo.....luckily my life and professional experience did come in handy for those questions.

Beyond that my son is gorgeous, creative and adorable! Did i share with you that he clearly displays imaginative play? The big trend in grant land is playing cooking! We call it " Grant Pauls, 30 minutes to a bunch of nothing". Its soooo precious....video to come. He puts little bowls and cups and bread pans about the coffee table and uses a spoon to stirrrrrr and stirr different cups...always moving them about and speaking with the bossyness only capable of back of the house fair...or chefs etc....and then....with great anticipation...he feeds daddy and i! and all this without any encouragement or coaching from us! It was at the feeding point when we realized...he really did have food in the those bowls and was imagining! Oh the precious moments children afford you with.

Blessings to you on this second day of October! Its October! Crazy.


Swanwood Family said...

Totally crazy that it's already October. Big congrats on passing the test. Wear your new acronym with pride!

Stacy V. said...

Yah, Paula!!
Congrats on getting your certification. I may get back into the working field eventually-- but I'm not going to worry about that until Alexis is at least three months old!! ha ha