Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Let me just sum up the last 24 hours for you....fear, anxiety, shaking uncontrollably with the unknown, a sleepless night topped off with a day spent in the hospital not knowing if they were going to call social services on me or not. Hell day in short.

I told you that Grant re injured his left temporal area again last night. After my post he awoke twice screaming in anguish. A talk with"ask a nurse" told us once again that we did not need to take him to the emergency room (or even to the doctor the next day...pretty rediculous if you ask me...even if its just for liability). I wanted to rush to the ER but my husband and friend (and day care provider who caused the original injury) said we should stay put. It was crazy. We even made it into the car...where Grant quieted down again...so I decided to go back home. It was such a gut wrenching experience. The ask a nurse did say that if he woke up again screaming and crying to take him to the er...but he didnt. he slept the rest of night sweet dear. I of course did'nt. Between every 2 hour assessments (is he coherant...does he know you...are his eyes equal...any drainage?) and the overall stress of the experience...I laid awake praying for everything to be ok.

This morning I called in to work. I just couldnt send my baby to "the lions den" aka day care...to fend for himself with just ONE EYE open. His eye was a straight up SHINER rising up past his eyebrows. IT LOOKED TERRIBLE. However...his demeanor was delightful. Unbelievable child. Very high pain threshold (that why when he was screaming and wouldnt nurse or lay down or keep any focus worried me SOOOOOO).

After chasing him around the house worrying about every crazy little prank he pulled..I called around to find a helmet. I found one..and we jumped in the car just to drive a block and half to get it. HOWEVER....I realize that we should call the chiropractor (like I had planned out at 4AM) especially since we were already in the car seat etc (did'nt matter at the time that I was not wearing a bra or SOCKS).

Called the chiro..they were leaving soon....come in NOW. We pressed the petal to the metal and he saw the chiro. I MELTED DOWN SEVERLY. Being around 5 women in the office...and we were basically alone..and they all reacted stunned at his wound....couldnt believe we hadnt seen a doctor...allowed all my own feelings and fears to rush to the surface. Dr. Mary was sure he had concussions. I was weeping...they encouraged me to go to the doctor...I told them I had wanted to go to childrens mercy since last night but was ganged up on to not go (by my husband, Des, and the ask a nurse). They gave me directions and I went.

Straight up we drove 45 minutes to childrend's mercy. I knew they would likely call social services but I DIDNT CARE. My child's health is more important. I knew they might keep me on house arrest like they did in Florida...but my child's health is more important. I knew it was going to cost the entire $2,000 deductible...but come on now...we are going to meet that very soon anyway. Money is NOTHING. I needed to know if my son had bleeding from the brain or any number of life theatening injuries. I was on a mission.

So we arrived and 6 hours later we were home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a marvelous visit. I love childrens hospitals...they are the ONLY way to go if you have an option for your child. Drive the extra 30 minutes and go where they specialize in little people. You will be so glad you did.

I will write more tomorrow about the visit. But I want to say that Grant is FINE. Yes he has a very large hematoma...but his brain is fine. His eye is fine. He is going to make a full recovery. They were happy I brought him and they believed me that BOTH injuries were an accident. They didnt even call social services....which was a beautiful thing. I know from history that it (being interrogated by ss) is a traumatic experience. Every time I saw a social worker or policeman my heart sank..are they for me? But not they were not...and Grant was given the AOK. Thank god.

Tomorrow I will expand upon why not having a bra on, a shower or socks was a hinderance to my full day at the children's hospital experience.

Till then....THanks for your love.


Maria said...

Oh gosh! Poor baby!!

Carolyn B. said...

The poor little lamb -- and poor mom! Glad to hear he's OK.