Monday, February 18, 2008

Its a Celebration!

Party party!

Here ye....Grant Paul slept 8 hours solid last night! This is the first time EVER in his short (sometimes long) 19 month life. The previous record was 5 hours and that was like once. Yes he did have normal wake cycles...but he just readjusted, looked around and then WENT BACK TO SLEEP! He did not need old mom to parent / comfort him back to sleep! ROCK ON. So in honor of this is the robe dance:


Maria said...

So I've told you before that he's gorgeous but I'm telling you again. He's GORGEOUS!

And I don't say that to everyone with an offspring. I'm picky. *lol*

Paula said...

Well we never tire of hearing it do we? and thats with a lopsided can see the bruise in the first pic.

Thanks Maria.