Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ups and Downs & Sesame Street Live

So you may ask....Paula....what could be better than having a wicked head cold and being seriously sore from head to toe from starting a strenious work out plan? I have the answer....

Coming home exhausted on a Friday night to find your husband down in his back. Instead of laying on the couch all night you are both forced to clean at warp speed because your real estate agent has called with the "good" news that he is showing the house on Saturday. THEN and get this THEN...on Saturday when the house looks GREAT, no clutter to be seen and it is sparkling clean....and the whole family is at the park even though it is nap time because the showing is emminen...he calls just to sucker here...the lady's loan turned out to not be approved enough for our house. WHAT? excuse me MR....but shouldnt you have known that before you sent me and my poor husband on a crusade to turn a wreck of a house into a shrine? Man was I pissed off. It wouldnt have been so god aweful if both of us were not so bad off. Oh least the house is clean.

Our Saturday started off with photo shoot..Grant style. HE is 18 months old...and Im kinda on the every 6 month track. They definitely change a ton in just a 6 months is like a complete metamorphis. Turns out that 18 month olds are not very good at photoshoots. It was hard work for ol mama. His father did not come to help because of his aforementioned back and he needed to use whatever energy he did have to work on the house. Anyway...single mama was having hot flashes it was so much work. We barely got a few good pics. He just would not smile. He had that deer in the headlights look...along with mouth open and toungue stickin out. It was super not cute hehe. Luckily we were able to pull off a couple nice ones of him and me and a few of just him that will pass. It truly is just best to blow up some pics you take at home...unless you can afford a real professional. least that chore is complete...and I bet in 10 years I will be super glad I did the deed.

Our fabulous..if not over scheduled Saturday finished up at ...get this...Sesame Street Live! A friend could not use the tickets and gifted them to us. I would have NEVER in a million years paid for them...but since they were free it was tempting. Grant has never been to a play..and has never been to a large venue like the new Spring Center in Kansas it would be very exciting indeed. Forgive the poor picture quality. Unfortunatley I actually listened to the stiff on the phone who said cameras with video or audio were strictly forbidden. GRRR..everyone else was smart enough to either a)not ASK...or b)question authority. So my crappy phone camera had to do the job. Grant actually had a WONDERFUL fantabulous time! He was fixated and fascinated. We stayed for 45 minutes..and he did not squirm once. He clapped and danced and was just awe struck. He doesnt know who Elmo or Big Bird is...but he didnt care. They were huge and colorful and loud and it was WEIRD! Dad and I got a kick out of the whole scene. We passed on the $15 lighted spinning elmo contraptions (although I LOVE and always lust after any glow in the dark event gizmos) and we also passed on the $8 balloons and other extremely overpriced and silly souveniors. I was SHOCKED at how much the other parents were spending! If we had paid for our tickets that woudl have been $75 to $10 to park...add some snacks..prolly $20 easy and then toys! CRAZY SHIT. I was also shocked at how many 18 month olds were getting cotton candy and soda. To each their own. My kid ate french fries at dinner...and Im sure that would make a purist faint.

Can you see the overexposed outline of Big Bird? It was really him:)

After the show we had dinner at an Irish Pub. It was loud enough so that no one was annoyed with our high decible child. Perfect. On our way to the car a man was drumming hard core on the bongos...Grant was mesmerized. He had to stand close and stare for many minutes. He threw a couple bucks in the tip bucket (prompted by us of course) and said a sad goodbye. That boy loves music. After a long ride home we are now snug as a bug in a rug. Home feels so extra good when we venture out into the wild world. Whew...what a fun roller coaster of a Saturday! And to think it was Ground Hogs day...hehe. Wonder if he saw his shadow.

What an adorable face!...and those chocolate eyes!

Tomorrow...we stay in our underwear and play all day! Well until around Superbowl time...then we get to attend a party! I could care less about the game...but Im up for a party! Who is even playing anyway heheheh. Im so bad.

Peace out.


Heart of Rachel said...

Glad your son enjoyed the Sesame Street show.

Just dropping by via Entrecard.

Maria said...

He IS adorable! We're considering bracing Go Diego Go Live this summer. I two had fun @ Sesame Street so maybe. :)

Sorry about the bastard Realtor too!

Maria said...

Hey - I was trying to subscribe your feed and kept getting this message:

HTTP Error (Code) and Message: (404) Feed not found error: FeedBurner cannot locate this feed URI.

Maybe it's me?

themuxicbox said...

Never mind he did not smile because he still look so cute! ;D

Paula said...

Hey Maria,

Thanks so much for letting me know about the feed! I would have never found out otherwise.