Friday, February 15, 2008

Pounded by Arse

So my day was already scheduled tight. I knew it was going to be a haul...but it was completely doable. Until I received the dreaded call.

Whenever I am at work and see that day care is calling heart skips a the HOLY CRAP kinda way. That all started when Grant was choking a lot...and I guess I never got over it. often does day care really call? I mean they are busy ya know. was another BAD call from school day. Starts off...

"Paula, I hurt your kid". WHAT? YOU HURT MY KID? "Ya, he has quite a little welt on his should come see it for yourself". Sure there in 10 minutes. Whoossshhhhhhhh...I am off. When I arrive she is holding him down with an ice pack on his forehead. I cant see the "boo boo". The process of her removing the blinder still plays back in slow motion. I was pretty scared of what I was going to see.

Sure enough...he is LOPSIDED. I mean half of his head was adorable and normal for him...the other half was like 4 times the size of normal. I melted. I fell apart. I tried to stay calm...but I teared up. I tried to nurse him but he was in too much pain...and for those of you who know that is rare. The sky has to be caving in for them not to nurse.

She tried to explain what happened. It was STRANGER than fiction. I love her by the way. She is a friend and Grants day care provider. She is wacked out in a fun loving, brillantly scattered kinda way. Turns out she was performing a somersault for the kids, entertainment mind you, and Grant ran underneath her. Doesnt really sound that bad. BUT IT WAS. Somehow her spine and back end smacked him so hard his head got a GOOSE EGG sized bump on it. Grant it...she is 6 foot 2 and 5 months pregnant (adds to the mystery). She of course was terribly apologetic and remorseful..even saying she wished it had been her child instead.

So I held him as he wept and sobbed and held his head. He was mad, he was in anguish, he was sick and tired. We called his primary pediatrician's office..and get this the BITCH secretary who I already call the gait keeper, gave MEDICAL ADVICE to DES (child care provider and friend). Des had asked to speak with a nurse and good old MARTHA AKA BEEN THERE TOO LONG GOTTA GO BITCH decided to go ahead and pretend she was one. I only found this out because Des handed me the phone. I said...Isnt this Martha? I was too overwhelmed at the moment to completely go off on I decided to snitch on her Monday. Then we called ask a nurse.

They were professional and went through a see if the symptoms could mean something really bad had happened. No he wasnt vomiting, or leaking from orifices, he did no have a dent in the goose egg and his pupils were equal in size. WHEWWWWWWW thank GOD. Yes he could nap but just make sure and wake him after 2 hours to see that he could speak and walk etc. By the way..Martha did not say ANY OF THOSE! She could freakin kill somebody giving out medical advice. GRRRRRRRRRRR

So after about 1 hour of crying so hard he was coughing....he finally settled down to mama singing our favorite tunes including "you are my sunshine" and "row row row your boat".

Tonight he is actually doing very well considering. The swelling has gone down to 25%of the original size. There is a very large bruise...about 3x2" at the largest point...its a triangle on his forehead. I feel so sorry for him. I mean doesnt he have enough going on? Fighting ear infections, on a super strong antibiotic 3x a day, teething up a storm, fighting a cold and now this. Sweet baby.

So send out good energy for Grant....that he will heal quickly and not have any long term damage. I know kids get bonked on the head lots..and heads swell up nice and dramatic...but its still scary as hell to see your baby like that. In his world...a butt fell from the sky and pounded him one. Will he be scared of somersaults now? I doubt it.

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Maria said...

Oh my gosh.
I would have been *pissed*.
Glad he'll be okay!