Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Entrecard - Noobilicious card droppin

Hey guys, whats up? I have been having some fun with a new to me (its actually pretty new overall...just up 3 months or so) blogger tool called entrecard. If you gotta check it out.

So who do you think reads blogs? Well...bloggers are the #1 regular readers. We get it. We like to blog...we like to visit with other bloggers etc. Entrecard, in a nutshell is an easy way for bloggers to support each other by "dropping cards". The entrecard is basically your business card. You drop on others and get 1 credit. Others drop on you and you get 1 credit. Folks pay you to place their entrecard on your blog for 24 hours for a value credits I believe is based on the number of drops you gave and received in the last 24 hours divided by 2. And then of course you can use your entrecard credits to buy advertising space on other sites as well as buy any number of interesting services at the entrecard shop. Supposed these credits are even becoming worth currency in some situations.

Another bonus of the system is that its a great networking tool. I have already had more positive exhanges with other bloggers on it than any other community or social medium I have experienced. It is very scratch my back and I will scratch yours. You drop a card on me and I will do the same for you etc. Together you can build a E credit fortune. Some complain that sure their unique clicks skyrocket but their bounce rate is also through the roof. Folks generally just come to drop their card and don't truly read the blog. That is certainly true....but just the same...some folks do read a headline each day they return...and actually read the posts that are relavent to them. Sometimes you even catch a new subscriber or with any luck a bloggie friend.

is a sure fire way to increase your blog traffic. I am evidentally a Noob so I cannot spew forth a bunch of super dork blogger stats about ratings and stats...but I will say that I heart entrecard. Its a win win if you have about 5 minutes a day to drop cards. I think some folks must spend A LOT more time than that which is sort of sad..but I guess everybody has their "thing" they do a tad obsessively.

A few complaints about entrecard:
I purchased an entrecard design service with my first 100 points. I still have yet to hear from that blogger! I hope I have not been taken. Its starting to really piss me off though..and my card is still plain and boring. Photoshop is V helpful with making one evidentally.

I have yet to figure out a speedy way to drop cards. Say I go to my stats to see who has been dropping cards on I can return the favor. Well I go to the first site...but cannot go back to entrecard without clicking on the little E on that page's entrecard ad..which takes me to my dashboard not my there is like 3 or 4 clicks to drop one card that way. To increase the speed...I have started linking through entrecards (going from ad to ad)..however they do not close on their own so after about 5 links I have to close them all out and start anew on my dashboard. Some bloggers are figuring out very fast ways to drop cards...and hopefully soon my noobishness will wear off I can join the troops. For now I just drop a few cards here...and then later drop a few cards. It is fun to see all the blogs and many of them are V interesting (although there are many spam blogs these days that just take up space and I detest them).

Check it out and see if it works for you...and don't forget to drop your card on ole Olive Juice.


Christina said...

What I do to drop faster: open up at least 6 tabs of whatever entrecard members you brings you to their profile, click on all their website/blog links....on the first tabbed blog, drop a card and right click their ad to "open in a new tab", then close that current tab out....repeat until their are no more tabs open (some blogs will have ads that you have already dropped a card on, so no need to open that blog again). Does that make sense? Also, I could help you out with a card if you need charge. I designed my own card. My entrecard profile is

Blog Starr said...

Welcome! Be's addicting!

Angie said...

Geesh... I'm addicted! It's like a video game to me. I can't stop once I start!!
I have an extension for Firefox called Linky. When I right click on one of the entrecards in my inbox, on the dropdown box is the choice of Linky. I click on it and it gives me the choice to open all links in new tabs or open all links in new windows. I choose tabs. It then brings up a box with the URL of every link on my dashboard. I go through and check all the boxes that are from users.(user links look like this: http://entrecardcom/details/the user's ID # is here)Then magically all 30+ tabs pop up and load. This saves me quite a bit of time.

Stacy Light Mygatt said...

PM found your site! Yah
I might have to try this!

Anna said...

I'm pretty new to Entrecard, too, but it's starting to get addictive. I've got an ad running on someone else's blog today, and I'm getting lots of cards dropped on me. I am desperately trying to visit everyone who visited me, but it takes time. Also, I don't usually just drop my card. I spend some time looking around - like I'm doing on your blog. Anyway, a friend of mine posted this link today with a way to visit a lot of Entrecard sites to drop your card. It doesn't help with visiting those who've visited you, but it's a good way to quickly go through and drop a bunch of cards.