Monday, February 18, 2008

Ear Tubes & Goose Eggs oh MY

Being a mother is HARD work. Not only is the physical labor part kinda grueling (during birth and to beyond)....but the emotional rollercoaster is not for the weak of heart. My son has sent me to heaven and hell these past few 19 months...and honestly I would'nt trade it for anything (that crazy love thing again), but still...I NEED A DRINK, or a shot of heroine or something...come on help out a cracker girlfriend.

So to those of you who have blissfully healthy chilren who barely get runny noses and are so graceful they hardly ever bruise....I am estatic for you...and you best be saying some thankful prayers to whomever for that mercy. Grant, for those of you who know him and or those of you who have kept up with the journey via Olive Juice, has had his unfair share of challenges (although thank GODDESS he doesnt have a terminal illness etc...I KNOW THINGS COULD BE WORSE and many hugs and blessings to parents who have to deal with those kind of situations). Im embarrassed to say how many different doctors I have taken him too...with the hopes of finding answers or at the very least finding a doctore who we love and who actually cares about Grant.

A VERY short, simple synapsis of his health history:

2 days old - screaming, arching back while nursing, mild exzema
1 months old - starts choking till blue on his own mucus repeatedly
2 months old - diagnosed with GERD after ER admission
4 months old - every bug starts triggering a major respiratory reaction which includes wheezing, coughing, labored breathing, retractions etc (he was tested for RSV 3 times!)
6 months old - 1st ear infection (in conjunction with RSV supposedly)
7 - 14 months - lots more lost sleep & nebulizer treatments
15 months - ruptured ear drum with ear infection
18 months - ruptured ear drum with double ear infections

That brings us to today. After trying watch and wait, natural remedies then 2 rounds of antibiotics (one being very heavy) he STILL has an ear infection with fluid. I am so sad about this. It is SUCH a huge disappointment. The good news is he can hear (which isnt really news but he was tested by an audiologist which was awesome). The Ped ENT was awesome by the way..I really did fall for her...didnt hurt that when she walked in she commended us for still nursing. So she said she recommends ear tubes for little Grant. He fits all the reasons for doing so...being on the severe end actually.

We scheduled for March 3. I will still research it farther...but I am at a loss. We have tried everything except a wheat and corn elimination diet. The thought of that just overwhelms me! When we did the milk and soy elim diet...we had no that was such a let down for some much work. I guess I am too lazy to go for wheat right now. Sad really. I am ashamed.

It was really an exhausting visit....and I am still soaking it all in. I did remember to tape the visit...which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Its so hard to remember all the details...especially with a little one getting into everything. I feel for Grant...and just want him to be pain free and healthy. History tells us that leaving stubborn ear infections alone...can truly kill. It isnt a joke.

And just to add insult to injury my poor little dear HIT HIS SORE HEAD AGAIN TONIGHT...really really hard on the door jam. It was LOUD. It swelled up again....just terrible. I tried to take a picture...the shadow is where it jolts up in goose egg style. My heart is just aching for him. I am pretty stressed about the whole situation.

Motherhood is feeling the joys and pain of your extensions.


Maria said...

Try for good gluten free recipes. Hope the ear tubes help!!

Christina said...

poor baby....I can't imagine dealing with all that. I hope you find out what works!