Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy 19 Month Bday Granto!

"before shot"

My little bundle of baby turned 19 months old today! Blowing my mind. How could it be? In honor of this milestone here is a Grant Paul update.

eats great with a spoon and fork
drinks from a cup like an old pro (although if left with him to long it becomes a splash party)
walks up and downs short steps without holding on
jumps and gets air! (a big hit right now)
draws (although he STILL eats crayons grrrr)
climbs and climbs and climbs
likes to sit on big people chairs
likes to sit on little people chairs
loves to play with hit potty but refuses to go on it
still is a nudist
is still addicted to eating snow
is learning to peel his own bananas
favorite fruit is apples
favorite starch is rice
favorite vegetable is broccoli
I very much imitating all words now and giving them a shot
sits in time out on a regular basis and does it very cutely
love to go to "school"
does not talk to nana on the phone anymore...but still plays phone (hmmm)
wakes up in a great mood with lots of hugs and kisses
is still a hug monster
has been caught sharing with other children on his own accord
likes to use his big molars to chomp into food
kicks his heels on tires to "check" them
kicks his shoes on steps to bump the snow off (whether or not there is snow)
still loves music, plays his instruments and dances with zeal
is very much into helping around the house...dusts, vacuums, sweeps, loads the dishwasher and demands to clean his own highchair after every meal
signs i love you and it melts your heart!
tries to wash himself in the tub (including hair)
is still a fish...LOVES water and swimming and has not problem with it in his face etc
sings a lot!
still nurses like there is no tomorrow
giggles with bliss upon realizing he gets to nurse
usually will accept a "no" when he wants to nurse and i dont (like at the store etc)
pretends to count (although it sounds nothing like numbers)
likes to give the dogs treats..but usually he sneaks one for himself!
likes to wave goodbye to the toilet flushings hehe
has a best friend...T.J. and they have personal jokes!
addicted to babies and gives them kisses and hugs and pats
loves storytime at the library, sits still and listens to the readings and then parties hard to the music (and is teachers pet too...kinda cute at this age).
is a wonderful patient...allows me to clean his ears and look into them with an otoscope (he is this way with doctors too..they are always impressed)

Fresh words: apple, tickle, door, bite, nose, snow, broccoli, belly button, open, up, down, juice, water, poop, boo boo, bird, duck, yellow......

I know I am just touching the tip of his developmental iceberg...but it gives you a glimpse into his budding consciousness. It is wonderful to witness the growth and see him come into his own. We are in love with him and he with us. I am grateful and blessed.

Happy Birthday Grant Paul! Slow down would ya :).

"After shot"


Angelika said...

Awwwwwwww. Happy Birthday Grant!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

Christina said...

Happy 19th month! My baby just turned 1 (12 months) on Jan 19th.

GeekMom said...

Hi there! Love your posts on breastfeeding. My youngest is 3, and nursing the babies was such a special time. They grow up too fast. Yaaay boobies!

BroTee said...

Congratulations to the little guy. Nice blog with down to earth tips.
Thanks for visiting my blog. The comment you dropped was very touching but I am glad that you're coping fine. I pray that God will grant your heart desire so that you can have more time with your baby. Cheers.