Friday, February 29, 2008

Play Date

Grant had his best bud TJ over last night. They had a BLAST. It is so cute watching them...and then cuddling them both at the same on each side. Made me think of my friend babyamore over at mytwodrummerboys...she has twins the exact age as Grant! WOW. AND she is still nursing on demand! Now thats committment! Koudos to her...and all mamas than manage to nurse their babies into toddlerhood.

Anyhoo wanted to share some of the pics and wish you a wonderful weekend! The dog had just accidentally bit his fingers when he fed her a noodle - thats why he is crying in that last pic. Its very spring like here and its just intoxicating! Tonight is the Battle of the Bands event...and Im wearing the tshirt all day to promote it. Im excited! This is really a fun even to organize and manage. Sure hope A TON of peeps come out for it.

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The Immoral Matriarch said...

They looks so cute together! Don't you want another one?