Friday, February 22, 2008

Pediatric Cat Scan Perks

These were taken last night..hehe..he loves to wear big boots.

I have decided I don't really feel like reliving the entire urgent care visit for here is quick synopsis:

*the staff was amazing
*after we actually got a room the service was fairly fast
*they believed me thank goddess
*and here is the super dooper highlight. they ordered a cat scan to rule out bleeding of the brain and usually they have to sedate the child which means an IV and nothing by mouth for a few hours prior. I suggested that I could most likely get him to sleep - would that work? They were all excited and hopeful! Well sure enough after we arrived in the dark CT room...with the hummmm of the was a perfect sleeping environment. So I told the nurses to leave us be for a while and I would motion when it was all good. We started nursing and I sang Grant his little to bed song...whispered "sweet dreams little bear" (sleep time ritual) and off he went. It was lovely.

So the nurses returned and I layed him in the mold that holds them still..still nursing. I hung over him a bit just to make sure he was good and gone...and then he just let go so perfectly. Then we draped him with heavy radiation blocking blankets. He was quite bound by the time they started the machine up. The table flew back and forth as she adjusted him just so underneath the machine's red lazers. The sweet nurse that stayed with us was just ecstatic and so proud of us for making it happen without sedation. They don't want to stick babies..and then there is always the potential for side effects etc. After the procedure they were kind enough to loan us the mold so I just picked up the whole thing and placed him in the wagon (another children's hospital perk) and off we rolled.

I must say that even though he was exposed to radiation, I am very glad we had the cat scan. Without it I would still be wondering. They said that kids can have intracranial bleeding and still be acting normal!!!!!!! The fact that it was a reinjury...within just days of each other...that made them really concerned (and me too!).

On an iffy note....Grant has vomited 3 times since 12:30AM last night. Hopefully he is just sick (that sounds nice doesn't it) and it is not related to the head injury. Remember...we are still watching him for stuff like this for 30 days! So I am going to call the Dr and just check in.

This pic was taken just this morning..can you see the improvement? I sure can! yae

I am starting to feel better. Not nearly as anxious and tense and frightened. My parents are here now thank GOODNESS. We are keeping Grant out of day care while he has a chance to heal. Looks like I will be bringing him to work with me a few days next week (don't even want to think about it...sounds so stressful) while my parents go home and take care of some things. My mom plans to return to be here for the Battle of the Bands (a program of mine that leaves me needing a babysitter) and then the ear tube placement on march 3. Some one pour me a double please.

Besides all that...HAPPY FRIDAY. Get drunk for me or something.


Jared said...

Whew...that looks SORE! Hope the little guy gets to feeling better!

Christina said...

That looks so painful. I hope everything is really ok with him.

Stacy Light Mygatt said...

I think Scott and I had more than enough to drink for you on Friday night! We went out and celebrated him birthday. Details on my blog. My goodness--that boy can drink! ha ha

He does look like he's healing! Kids amaze me at how strong they are!

heather said...

good for you doing the sleep thing over the sedation thing, glad it worked for ya!!!