Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bring Your Baby to Work

I must be the luckiest girl on the planet...or at least one of them...because my employer was cool enough that they granted my request to bring my newborn son with me to work...part time. It was wonderful! This seriously helped with the transition from new mother, maternity full time career again. He kind of became the mascot of sorts for the agency. Folks would stop by just to see him. And for many many months after he stopped coming they would peek into my office to see if he was here. About 5 months ago I stopped bringing Grant to work with me on a regular basis. He had just started a new day care just 4 minutes from the office, so I started spending my lunch hour with him which was wonderful. Also about that time he stopped taking a bottle so I was able to stop pumping (HUTH!) which ROCKED the kazba. And beyond all that...he was really into everything and was semi challengin to have around. However...I can still bring him in anytime I like and do periodically so my boss can get his Grant fix ("you gonna bring the boy back by?" he snorts.

I decided to do some housekeeping in my office computer...and started uploading all the pics of Grant to my photobucket site. These are like the lost ones. A whole era of baby to work pics that chronical an amazing period of our lives. A time when my office looked very much like a nursery. Many a poopy diapers were removed here..and many many nursing memories too. I remember kind of being irritated when folks would come by while he was nursing or napping. Man...I really am so fortunate...and Im excited that many progressive employers are providing for a mother and child's transitional needs with "infant to work" policies sometimes even outlined under benefits. Or you can be a pioneer in your work place and campaign for a new policy. Worked for me! Never know till you ask. So go for it. I cant believe all those precious hours I would have missed with my son if I hadnt.

So here are some of the lost ones. More to come tomorrow.

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Veronica said...

Wow, you were lucky to be allowed to take him to work. What a great thing for you.

He is gorgeous by the way! He is 17mths? A month older than my little girl. ;)