Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday night feeling allllright

This month has swooooooooooshed on by in mighty fashion. Sure 2 trips both about a week in duration will do that to a month it is true. For a frigid, stiff, usually boring month like January...this one has beat all.

Although I did not have to work in the office day was super dooper ridiculously busy. I unpacked (again), started laundry, did the dishes, balanced the check books, drove to Lawrence to shop for my American Girl Doll Party tomorrow (yes don't laugh)and spent one hour at the Merc choosing immune boosters for the family (oh ya I had a sushi lunch it was not all work). On my way home I did some much needed banking (the old fashioned in person type) and stopped by the office to play catch up so Monday won't be hellacious. By the time I arrived back home to enjoy my "day off" it was 4PM. I quickly popped in my netflix movie..." A long engagement" and 45 minutes later i picked up Grant from day care. After I finish this blog I will resume the viewing. Honestly...I love watching a flick in 2 or more suits my lifestyle remarkably well...and I enjoy pausing and reflecting on what I have seen. My husband HATES doing this..and it is another reason we watch very very very few movies together (but overwhelmingly it is because he has terrible taste in movies heheh)

Grant had a blast at day care. He missed his friends so so very much. He was chasing down strange children on the trip hoping to get a minute of interaction with his own kind. He definitely knows he is a kid.

Oh and a quick update on Grant's tender ears (A.K.A. ear infections)....after over 2 weeks of weeping ears and no vast improvement using natural remedies...I decided to discuss with our pediatrician another option. What other antibiotics are available...Bactrim was not going into my son...what else can we try (he is already intolerant of amoxicillan and cefadroxil..basically all generations of cephlosporin). Fortunately he offered up zythromycin. 29 hours into treatment he appears to be tolerating it perfectly! This is very exciting because my mother and a close friend both had terrible reactions to it...including excruciating cramps and explosive diarrhea (tmi). I was nervous giving it to him....but NOTHING LIKE WITH BACRTRIM!!!!! That stuff can kill you! It is on the insert. Straight up....Russian roulette...hope for the best. Now I realize anything can kill you...and everyone reacts differently to drugs...but Bactrim kills on a regular basis. Steven Johnsons syndrome is what it can cause...and that is the killer...the skin falls off..Oh lordy...Im sorry but I cannot take that risk or just the overall heavy side effects. So long story short.. he is on antibiotics...and please god please...let it kill the infection for good. I also have him on double probiotics, lots of yogurt and kefir to help keep his good buggies around. I am sooo very very tired of seeing him in pain with his ears. Gotta bring out the big guns.

So the elevator pic is the only pic we took this trip. It was that good of a trip hehe. He sure does love the elevator though...and this month it was like we lived in NYC. I just noticed that my mom and him are kinda dressed alike..too funny! He loves his nana no doubt.

The first pic..super smiley guy with apple...I took tonight. Notice the tear...the pic was taken not 15 seconds after a full on tantrum...I cant even remember over what. He sure is a pistol that child...but I am so glad he has an opinion, a voice and conviction!

Happy Friday!

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