Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Outta Here

The only minor itch in planning a serendipitous trip to that one must cram 2 weeks worth of work into 1. Normally that would not be a big deal for me...since I have a government job and all...but it just so happens that I had a publication to get out before I leave. Not only that..but I have to update the website and create all the promotional materials and keep my current programs supported. Long story short....Ive been stressed..and working my tits bottom off. Its all good though......because things are coming together...and this time tomorrow I will be listening to the ocean!

I am so glad I decided to leave Grant here in the midwest. He will just be a bother on the plane..and this way I can truly relax and have a good time!

Just joking...I could never leave little bear behind. I just wanted to see if I could pull your leg....did I do it? I'm a terrible prankster. (terrible as in not very good at it).

Anyhoo...there are lots of topics I want to write about on my CIO - or crying it out..a popular method of sleep training that I wish would disappear from the face of the earth. I just realized again how glad I am that I don't use it because in a situation where your child suffering from an undiscovered ear infection...and his ear is bursting open from the pressure...and mom just thinks he is being a stinker and wants out of his she ignores him....oh whoa is me. Crying should be respected and responded too...I don't care if they are begging to get out of the crib. So anyhoo..eventually I will post links about the research on how CIO wires the brain strangely and other bizarre connections to CIO.

I also have been sitting on the crazy ass topic of the slave children chocolate workers..and how most chocolate companies still use it! Man were my eyes opened up with a quickness. Only fair trade chocolate for me. computer access for me while on many blessings to you and yours and please do come back next Wednesday when I promise to share many adorable pictures of Grant soaking in the sun and hopefully you will feel like you were there.

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Lindsey said...

I hope you had a wonderful time!!! Wish I was there!