Friday, January 4, 2008

more of the lost ones

One sad element to the baby to work that at some point my computer guy "fixed" my pc..and ended up loosing hundreds of pics I had taken...and there were handful of infant grant pics in there! Boo hoo. Just rotten.

But we still have these dandies:

Here he is painting with water at 11 months old:

And here he is pulling up for the first time at 7 months old:

Obviously he soon became frustrated at not being able to scale the happy cabana..making it officially the unhappy cabana at least for that moment.

and lastly my favorite office pics... 4 months old here.such a tubby!

Hard to believe that sweet baby is now an independent 18 month old (at least on Monday he will be).

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workout mommy said...

absolutely adorable! I love the baby in the bumbo pictures!!!!