Saturday, January 5, 2008

Everyday Minerals review

WOW...I LOVE my new make up! Its V exciting. I actually enjoy putting it on...and the results are quite radiant if I do say so myself. I went with Everyday Minerals...which is a home based enterprise based on the principle of safe ingredients and amazing products. I love that the ingredients are pure and simple. My lipstick has like 6 different oils and waxes and nothing I cannot pronounce. For a girl who did NOT put on makeup....this is a major step. To actually appreciate the quality of makeup is not something I am not familiar with. Usually its all carcinogenic crap.

I must admit something that is V embarrassing. While I was throwing out all my OLD disgusting makeup that I never dawned on me that........HOLY COW...this shit is ....are you ready....are you sitting down.....14 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How sad is that? Turns out that most of it was from 1993. Does that tell you how often I use the stuff? I believe the recommended shelf life is like 6 months for mascara and 1 year for most everything else. Crazy! The really frightening part is that I had used some of the junk periodically over the years. What was I thinking? I wasn't. I bet many a gal out there needs to throw out the old and get some new. Time flies and all of sudden your eye shadow is older than your niece.

Honestly...I am really into experimenting with my new make up. It is all powder..and all mixable. So eye shadow, foundation, bronzer, blush...all the colors can be mixed if you want to try something new. Today I just stuck with the label..and I feel pretty...I mean prettier :). I really do feel polished. I'm telling you...the ingredients are all the difference! Please do check them out.

and because we love Grant so much..and Grant is so looking forward to seeing his Grantparents next week in is a pic from their last farewell:

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