Thursday, January 24, 2008

Home at Last

I have a new appreciation (or sympathy) for those that travel regularly for work. It is not much fun in my opinion. The packing and unpacking and jet lag and overall needing to play catch up on everything from laundry to hubby huggin.

We decided to come back one day early from the conference due to my poor mother being worn out, bedraggled and a bit ill. Grant was a handful to say the least. I believe he was sick of travlin, missed his daddy and just wanted to be at home in his own bed and play with his own friends. Yes, he did have fun showing off for the entire Marriott, conference and anyone who would pay him mind, but he was overtly annoyed with the situation. He was...a HELLION. Oh my and how. The child was loud and assertive and angry at times.

I was fortunate enough to get 8 classes in (counting those ceu credits!) and networked a tad. It was a good quality conference...but NEVER AGAIN will I take my child (well unless of course it is a baby). It should be more of a retreat and more of a networking event...with him there I was always running back to check on him and worryign about him in general.

Grant is SUPER SUPER SUPER excited to be home. He is ecstatic! He is joyful. He is celebrating! He is in love with his daddy and doggies. We are all happy to be here in the warmth of our blue love with each other.

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