Thursday, January 17, 2008

Natural Remedy for Ear Infection

How are you today? Hopefully very well. But if you are not don't dispare...change is indefininitely in the air. So don't get too comfortable even if you are on top of the world.

It snowed last night! We probably were blessed with about 3 inches of the white fluffy. This morning the ground glittered like a million diamonds in the full sun. It was quite spectacular! Grant is happily consuming mass amounts of the manna. He sure is lucky it is a heavy snow winter.

Regarding his double ear infections.....last night I threw away the bottle of Bactrim. Good riddence! That stuff is really just wrong. I mean if you are dying from a serious infection and they need to pull out all the stops...then by all means help yourself to a phat portion. However...for everyday bacterial infections...Im sorry but that stuff is just too iffy and too strong.

So I simmered some fresh garlic in olive oil and made some of Grandma's medicine. A few warm drops in each ear later...and we were off to bed. He did still squirm about in discomfort last night. I also brought out the heating pad and was very careful not to burn him but the warmth was also helpful. This morning.........his ruptured drum side was not caked with dried discharge! First time in over a week! Very exciting stuff. It did still have some "honey" in it, but much less. I went ahead and gave him the last dose of the antibiotic drops just to make sure and complete the cycle. However starting tonight...we are going with garlic oil drops & warm onion compress. As soon as I can get to the Merc we will also try our hand with Belladonna and vitamin C. I am truly excited about this turn of events! Hopefully within a few days Grant will be infection free! I will let you know our progress. By the is a bit controversial to put anything in a suspected ruptered ear drum. However, from my research I feel confident going ahead with it. It absorbs through the membrane nomatter if its ruptured or not...and many parents have had great success using garlic oil for ruptures. Why is parenting always such a gamble? Nothing in this life is black or white...even if it appears so at first glance.

I must boss is waiting to join me at the Historical Society's Chili Feed hehe. Beans here I come. Thanks for stopping by. Later today I hope to post some more of the "Lost Ones" that I just found.


baby~amore' said...

hi Paula - very interesting I might give it a try - olive oil and garlic did it smell ?
I hope Grant is on the mend soon.

Paula said...

very stinky!!!!