Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am START!ing - How about you?

Start!is an American Heart Association movement to promote physical activity through workplace walking programs. It calls on employers of all sizes to "create a culture of physical activity" to improve health...which is a win win for employees and the bottom line.

Many company's are offering their own incentive programs that compliments Start!
For instance one agency I know rewards walkers with time off from work for every 30hours of activity! Isnt that awesome? There are lots of ways to have fun with this program. Sometimes they will create friendly between departments or floors...with the "winner" having documented the most active hours (at work). There are also agencies that offer a half hour for walking during the work day (beyond the lunch hour)! I think this is incredible.

So check it out and encourage your employer to adopt the program. The American Heart Association offers lots of program resource material to make participation easy and fun. Couldn't you use an extra push in the right direction?

My personal commitment is a new lunch routine. Starting tomorrow (February 1) the plan is to walk 1/2 hour Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the gym (on bad weather days - walk at the park when it is pretty) and spend the other 1/2 hour with Grant at day care (to accomplish this all in 1 hour...I will change clothes at work and probably be taking more like 1 hour and 10 minute lunches until I get heckeled). On Tuesdays, and Thursdays I will spend the entire lunch hour with Grant and work out in the evening during my Women's Weight Loss Bootcamp here in town. I also intend to prepare rockn salads to bring for lunch. Im not talking rabbit food...I want beautiful artful salads with delicious fresh toppings and crumble cheese hehe. That way I wont feel cheated. So thats my physical activity and nutrition plan. Ready set......GOOOOOOO.

I challenge you to boost your physical activity...for yourself and your family.

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