Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sick and sicker

Times are....times are tough challenging to say the least. Grant's ear was FULL of dried wax when we picked him up from day care. After a nice hot shower...I swiped ALOT of a honey like substance from it. Tres reminiscent of the ruptured ear drum of just 3 months ago! Should I take him to the Dr...just to find out what I already know? I really should make the journey to the chiropractor! Yes...I shall call for an appt. I soooo dread that trip though...35 minutes one way..and Grant still detests his car seat for anything longer than 3 minutes..and even that's too long sometimes.

The crazy thing is...he never let on that his ear was killing him! Yes he has has interrupted sleep lately..especially the night before last (when it was super full and almost bursting). I thought it was most likely teething (always the safe alibi)..which he IS teething ...the BIG 4 - 2 year molars...all at once! I truly believe his pain threshold is very high. GERD babies tend to be this way...because they are born into pain...so they become immune to it for the most part.

I sure hope he doesn't loose any hearing from all of this!

My husband Dave has been moping about for days with a serious head cold. Last night he coughed ALLLL night. I sure hope we don't get it as bad as he. Yes I have a cold...but I am holding my own. I'm sure the herbal tea and extra vitamins help. My concern is that Grant and I will get super sick upon arriving in Florida. Or that Grant's ears will hurt terribly on the plain. HOWEVER.........I am not going to live in fear. Fear will eat me alive. I can lay awake at night thinking of all the things that could wrong on this trip...(and I have done so)....but I AM NOT GOING TO DO IT ANYMORE. Live in the present Paula. Prepare and then go and enjoy...as much as humanely possible.

Oh and to top off this lovely array of yuckies....my dear old pup Sadi who is like almost 14....has a strange looking wart / tumor (warmor?) on her butt..and she is aggravating it so it was bleeding a lot last night. I applied witch hazel...but Im not going to pay for it to be removed...am I? Garsh...all this right before we leave on a big airoplane Thursday morning. Pray for me.

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