Wednesday, January 2, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

I am so glad my husband and I sat down yesterday while Grant was snoozing to watch and absorb Al Gore's 2006 (forever ago right?) documentary...An Inconvenient Truth! Climate change and global warming are not new issues to me..not at all..and I felt that I knew a lot about it even before the flick. is full of compelling scientic proof that just screams....this shit is not fiction...its right here in front of you just look at it....WAKE is the time to make the is your future flashing before you.

And I must say..that Al Gore really touched my heart with his narration, personal stories and very courageous campaign to make a difference. Turns out he was turned on to climate change in college. His professor was the first to study the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere...and the data revealed they were skyrocketing! This really made an impact on him...and from then on he set out to research the evidence and spread the word. This man is my new hero. He actually went to the White House with his researche...expecting to be heard and changes to be made...but that was not the case. This man has been beaten and abused by the political system again and again (remember hangin chads and the total BULLSHIT of the 2000 election?)but he continues on because this is in his heart and he cannot stop! I fell in love with Al yesterday :).I dont give a shart what other crap he might have done in his life...this goodness trumps all of that in my book.

If you only have a moment to check out the situation... please start here. Although I couldnt find the AMAZING sceientific data that he shared in the movie. So I really hope you will put An Inconvenient Truth on your queue and watch it (again) as soon as possible. It really puts a flame under your arse! Especially when you have children.

The best part is the end...where he highlights solutions. His data suggests that if we do the things we outta do (quite simple things really) that we CAN have an atmosphere like we had in the 70s! And we can accomplish this in less than 10 years if we start...NOW. Ready set.....GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo.

and here is my #1 reason for caring so much about global warming

well and his children..and their children..and so on and so on to the 7th generation etc

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