Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reality Bites - Double Ear Infections and such

Playing catch up at work is soooo much fun. But seriously...I am not ready for this abrupt end to a delicious holiday. Please take me back.

There is a board meeting tonight I am dreading. Hopefully I can get out of it.

Grant has a double ear infection...with one side ruptured and weeping for 10 days now. The pediatrician prescribed a sulphur based antibiotic, because baby bear is allergic to the penicillin varieties. After reading the insert and doing a bit of internet research...I am NOT going to give it to him. The name is Bactrim. Heard of it? Well its older than penicillin and you can straight up die from it (sure its 1 in a million...but do you want your kid to be that 1?). Sounds like around 50% of folks have side effects from it...and knowing my son...he would be one of them. Besides the fact that this drug is some scary ass shit stuff - I'm not into antibiotics for the most part. They really screw up your gut flora so much that it can take 18 months to recover! Gut health has ALOT to do with overall health. I am scrambling to do natural remedy type treatment. This thread on is my starting point. Geesh...I wish I would have been prepared early on. My original method of treatment was watch and wait. Usually it should have healed already on its own. However...since that has not happened...I'm going in for the kill.

Now I have to defend myself to my mother and my husband as to why the bottle of Bactrim we paid for yesterday is going in the garbage.

I would appreciate any advice on holistic treatment for his boo boo.

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