Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow Birds for Life - Back from Florida

Its kinda weird sitting back at the computer...it feels familiar yet oddly foreign. I have been on holiday...and it did the trick..I no longer have the winter blues!

Unfortunately blogger is having some technical difficulties...so I cannot post the Grant pics as of yet...however I will be watching and waiting and soon..oh so very soon...you too will witness the innocence and charm of a little boy experiencing the ocean..the beach...the sand...the birds and boats and dolphins. OK..I don't really think he saw the dolphins but I sure did!

Grant says Ocean now...its SO adorable I could pee my pants. He was a handful to say the least...but heck...he is 18 months old...and a mighty spunky one at that. He did however enjoy the trip immensely and learned a lot. He got lots of Nana and Papa time as well as Mama time...and that is priceless. I want to share with you more of the amazing details...but we just arrived in from a long day of travel. It actually would not have been suuuuuuuch a long day if we hadn't spent 2 hours...yes 2 hours...at the pediatricians office. Grant's ear is still weeping..so I felt we definitely needed to have a second opinion (second to my own). Anyhoo....Daddy was able to take the day off we had some fun romping around the airport...then a leisurely lunch and then went to the Dr. THANK GOD daddy was able to come.....I told him he may have very well saved my life today. I'm not I could have handled 2 hours with Grant in that situation...at least not acting civilized. I'm a bit worn out from the whole trip actually. Travel...although worth it..is exhausting.

So please come back and enjoy the pics and travel journal. I truly want to be a snow bird for life. I didn't miss static electricity at all!

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