Monday, December 31, 2007


I hope each of you has an awesome new years eve..and a rockn 2008! Can you believe it is really almost '08? Thats just freaky.

And to recap this amazing year..Im taking a trip down memory lane. Here is the first sentence(or two)from the first post each month of 2007:

January: B.O.J. (before Olive Juice)

February: The deed is done! Ive been meaning to get a new blog going since...since a long time ago.

March: My son is in cognito as a grumpy old sailor...he swears and throws his toys ...just an angry young man...and i cant say that i blame him. he has been sick since last friday...almost a week now!

April: Ahh the sweet smell of victory....this morning I found the baby walker of my dreams....just down the street and a mere $2!

May: Its may its may! may rocks. grant is turning 10 months on monday the 7th. the year has flown by on one hand yet on the other is has crawled in the way of the tortoise.

June: well we just got back from our big florida vacation last night around 9pm.......ahh it does feel good to be home...even if that means lots of dog hair, pounds of mail, umpteem loads of laundry & a stack of receipts that need to be accounted for...oh that sounds scary. anyhoo......the point is.. home is very comforting.

July:whew...we are exhausted! what a weekend. friday morning the grandmas arrived. 8 dozen cupcakes baked, cooled & iced and then we are in the office blowing up 3 dozen balloons! man my finger hurt. 2 sliced watermelons & 4 gallons of lemonade later...we are at the pool. it got a bit crazy the last half hour..but it all turned out good..even great!

August: so you may ask yourself...self..i wonder what grant has been up to this week? hmmmmmmmm......well....ALOT! stubbed toe for the first time...and it isnt healing bc he re injures it...ate dog poop...

September: so in a nutshell...the pediatric asthma/allergist specialist and her posse said that
* grant may very well NOT have asthma
* grant may very well NOT have allergies

October:Despite my worst fears...i actually passed the exam today! WHEW...big sigh of relief. honestly...i didnt think i would.

November: When you hear the word "commune" I bet you invision dirty hippies in the sixties smoking pot and living on love. Would it suprise you to find out that they are still going strong and there is a thriving community of forming and established communes?

December: Name this in unidentified floating object!!! OMG i am sooooo disgusted

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