Saturday, December 22, 2007

Alive & Kickin

Grant is sharing my liquid breakfast with me

It is Saturday morning. Friday was a very strange day..spent at St. Francis hospital waiting around, being asked the same questions repeatedly, being poked and prodded and finally sliced open, repaired, sewed up and sent home. Weird stuff.

But everything went GREAT! The hospital was clean and small and friendly. They never kept me waiting endlessly without word. They honored my requests and just was decent i am very happy to report. My strategy for anxiety control..was just to not allow myself to think about the operation. It worked very well. I had done all the research and worst case scenario drills weeks prior. Now it was just time to lay back and enjoy the process if that is possible. Oh and it is actually.

Acting a stupid

The great news is she didnt need to use mesh so I am still 100% flesh and bone. It was nice and small and tidy. They used MAC anesthesia on me...which ROCKS by the way. They dont use it very much for some odd reason...but it is PERFECT for small surgeries. Its the same drug as general anesthesia....except they just dont give me enough to stop my breathing. The strangest thing that happened was when I could FEEL THE OPERATION so I said.."um....I can freaking feel that" and boom...the lights went out. Next thing I knew the surgery was over and I was getting ready to leave the operative suite. That is so cool though...that I was already recovered before leaving the place! Rock on.

im so freakin hungry i could eat a nurse

Honestly...I was ready to leave by the time I was back in my 24 hour room as they call it. There was no real recovery time. General A you need lots of that. I am really pleased with MAC and am so very very glad that I found it. Yes its not exactly just local a like i had originally thought. But thank god it wasnt because I COULD STILL FEEL the pain under local.

Only bad news is that Im allergic to Vicodin i guess...big rash and a nights worth of mad itching! So now I get to retry Darvocet which made me vomit when i was a teen.

Feeling Sexy

Grant is handing the "boo boo" very well. He likes to put the ice bag on and console me. Unfortunately the little man is sick with a respiratory thingy. Started like croup..with the barking suddenly Thursday night. Now it is a wet and painful cough with runny nose and I believe aches and pains. So he is struggling to be the happy camper I know him to be. He sure is glad Nana and Papa are here though! He LOVEs them so much and I love to watch them interact. It is a beautiful thing and I am so very glad they are here...cause i am SOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEE :)

the best nurse in the mama

my dada

Happy weekend!


Stacy V. said...

I didn't get a cool hat like that.. I got paper. Yours looks like it could ward off aliens... hmmmmm

Angela said...

HaHa! That is a funny hat!

I'm glad your surgery went well, sending thoughts of fast healing your way!

Katie J said...

You wrote this a while ago--so no idea if you'll see this! BUT--I have a lot of questions that NOBODY will answer and wondering if you can? I have (what I think is) a small ventral hernia--just right above my belly button. I am currently pregnant and I actually really WANT to get it repaired--just hopefully no mesh. I'd like to do it fairly soon after having this baby (if possible) because I'll have way more help and my husband will be off work for the summer. BUT--I am concerned about any interruptions with breastfeeding, limitations on lifting an infant (let alone toddler--but I think I have enough help to not to that). So--wondering your thoughts or what you learned about the optimal time to have it repaired, if the surgery will mess with my breastfeeding, and if you think the surgery was worth it. Mine does not cause me pain at the moment, but I am aware of it all the time since I know it makes me quite vulnerable to further injury. Plus, it restricts my workouts. Any advice would be so so welcome!