Wednesday, December 12, 2007

100 things

1. born in st louis, mo
2. born on the 4th day of the 4th month on the 4th floor in room 444, was the 4th child & lived at 4434 - my favorite number is 4
3. youngest child
4. only girl
5. brothers were 10 years + older than I
6. they were very rowdy and rebellious in their teens and twenties
7. i was fairly rowdy and rebellious in my teens and twenties
8. my oldest brother was killed when he was 29
9. It was really devastating
10. His son was 4 years old at the time
11. His son is now a hermit who rarely leaves his house and is obsessed with the internet
12. He doesnt talk to us anymore
13. We miss him, and are very sad for him
14. My mother graduated from nursing school when she was 50!
15. My Dad retired from Anheiser Busch - he was a bottler
16. When my Grandpa worked their - they could still drink beer on the job!
17. That same Grandpa fought in the Battle of the Bulge in WWII
18. My Grandma and Grandpa were married 3 times! love hate huh
19. My Grandma bought me my first 2 piece swim suit
20. I was completely obedient till I was 12 years old
21. My parents still live in the same house that I grew up in
22. My Godmother still lives next door
23. I was married at 20! not recommended
24. I stayed married for 10 years to that man
25. I got my first job (at dairy queen) when i was 15 and made $2.35 an hour
26. Ive always been a hard worker
27. I used to be strong as an ox, could do anything
28. I threw my back out gardening of all things, and havent been the same since
29. I waited tables for 16 years among other jobs
30. I did singing telegrams for a while...and wasnt very good honestly
31. I went to a Lutheran grade school, a baptist high school and a jewish college
32. I was raised assembly of god, a sect off of pentecostal
33. They danced in the aisles and spoke in tongues
34. I was open to it and asked the lord to speak through me...but it never happened
35. Im not a christian anymore - but not because of #34
36. My choice of fellowship is UU - or unitarian universalist
37. I think the Bible is a great story with many truths interwoven
38. Jesus was a cool dude
39. I want to be more like Jesus
40. I dont believe in Satan or hell
41. Im overweight
42. Ive never been a dieter
43. My belly is gigantic
44. I would like to get fit
45. I graduated college when i was 30!
46..I worked at Red Lobster for 6 years
47. My husband is the 6th born of 7 kids
48. His family is catholic
49. Dave (my husband) likes hockey, football and snowboarding
50. I played fast pitch softball for many years and was good at it
51. I was short stop or 3rd base
52. I took piano lessons for 7 years...age 7 - 14
53. my mom made me pracice 30 minutes a day nomatter what
54. i cried sometimes
55. my mom bought that piano with the tiny inheritance from her dad
56. she sent it to me 3 years ago with a gigantic red ribbon on top
57. i cried when it arrived
58. ive taught piano lessons on it
59. my son grant loves to play it
60. i love being a mom!
61. im soo very glad i didnt pass up the opportunity (to be a mom)
62. parenting is hard work!
63. im so glad we documented the birth on video
64. birth hurts
65. birth is empowering
66. my mom wont come next time hehe
67. i like floating (canoeing down rivers)
68. my husband and i have a goal to float all the nice rivers in missouri
69. spring rejuvenates me
70. im an idealist
71. im a pessimist hehe
72. im a bitch sometimes
73. im not patient
74. i have a big compassionate hearts
75. im defensive...TERRIBLY so
76. i like thunderstorms
77. i love puppies
78. im overwhelmed by the worlds problems
79. i LOVE LOVE LOVE nature and feel drawn to it
80. i want to be a park naturalist!
81. i dont want to hold snakes :)
82. i like microbrewed beer (and dont do bud light)
83. i enjoy having a full spectrum of friends - all very different
84. my house was pretty darn clean and organized before i became a mother
85. puke in one's bed in the middle of the night SUCKS
86. people are innately good
87. people are animals though
88. nature is not fair
89. christmas is overrated
90. christmas should be every other year
91. thai food is my favorite
92. italian is close behind
93. im not a good cook
94. luckily my husband is
95. i spend 4 minutes each morning primping
96. i look like hell
97. i used to be cute
98. who is this woman :)
99. i miss my little boy
100. I heart grant

WHEW that was a lot. if you made it this far...i owe you a beer. now your turn...whats your 100 look like?


Lindsey said...

MU is not a jewish college! : )

When do I get my beer?

Paula said...

Good eye Lindsey. You are correct -MU is definitely not Jewish. However, the little known factoid that you are overlooking is that I attended the Jewish School of Nursing back when i thought I had the stomach and nerves to be a nurse. Silly me!