Saturday, December 1, 2007

Name this UFO

as in unidentified floating object!!! OMG i am sooooo disgusted

Last night while grocery shopping, I became parched with thirst, so I opened up the nearest beverage and took a swaller. Upon arriving home I gulped down most of the rest. In the darkness of a slumbering grant, I took the last few drinks ...until BUMP...something taps my lip. Im a little freaked out so i take it to the light for a looksie. Hmmmm...a slice of fruit...what a nice touch i think to myself. this point in the mystery...I was in denial optimistic...and hoped that this fine product added to their healthful, fruit juice tea illusion by adding a chunk of fruit to each bottle. However...after i got a good look at this piece of rotten gunk...i realized that this was NOT GOOD at all.

I immediately called the products phone number...but they wont be in till Monday! And i really dont know what they can do to help me...ive already ingested the stuff. They definitely need to know about it though...and hopefully give me a zillion dollars for pain and suffering ;).

My stomach was jumping and i was burping like crazy...i was honestly scared about becoming deathly ill. Fortunately though..i did not get sick! Thank goodness. Im sure my body is having to fight off some strange invaders though.

The wierd twist on that I am interested in making my own bacteria tea (see kombucha post a few down). Is this self fulfilling prophecy or what? Now if i start feeling really good with feet of feathers...i will let you know pronto!



Angela said...

EWWWWWWW!!!! EEW! EWW! EWW! EWW! EWW! Yick. I am so glad though, that I did not see a bug of some sort or anything basically that looks like it was once breathing.


I think I'll drink the tea I make at home.


Anonymous said...

actually, by the picture, that looks like a healthy scoby... how did the tea taste?