Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fugly Ugly Old & Pugly

My 100 things list ended on a note of me needing to primp a tad more. A tad more than NOTHING would be an improvement indeed. I just came back from a Chamber of Commerce christmas party....and I was by far the most wretched looking thing there. This being said and I was 30 years younger than many of those women.

Maybe I really am still a dirty hippy after all. My hair cut is not that old...but it never was a good cut this go around. Besides that I wake up and put a little water where the bed head is too revealing, run a comb through it, spritz a bit (just to make myself feel like i did something i suppose) and thats is for the hair. Face...just wash and lotion...pluck a few stray hairs when they are far too evident. Professional wardrobe? Old jeans, new socks (woo hoo), new balance, and a baggy, oversized, stained (didnt notice till i got to work though does that make it any better?)shirt. My hands are dry and my fingernails are unkempt. Overall...I look like dog dookie Its bad folks...Its real bad.

When i was in my 20s i could get away with this..and still look cute (ok so i never was one to look in mirrors)...but now I cant. I mean...I dont feel good about it...so thats why i think its time to change. I dont mean big change...like curling irons, blow dryers, thick pancake make up and labels. No...Im just thinking that i should allow myself 5 - 10 minutes each morning to attempt an image that evokes what i feel like inside. Right now my exterior screams, mama who feels old and faded and is maybe a tad sick and definitely doesnt give a rats ass.

Point being here people, I dont want to keep up with mrs jones...or pretend im something i am not...but i guess i do want to look how i feel..and that is pretty (more like cute really). pretty of course is relative...but my version of pretty. one order of pretty coming up :). how about pretty cute?

btw....the difference will very well be invisible to the naked eye...but I will know that i dont stink :)

Im not a proud person at all. Ive always been one to be able to laugh at myself...and today is no different. Laugh with me homies.

pics to come


frog ponds rock... said...

I am laughing with you...hehehe

cheers kim

Stacy V. said...

Ha ha... I now know exactly what you mean. I'm lucky if I shower every day now that I have the baby--and I don't even work yet!!

Though, when I do go out and about, I make sure I put on (at least) tinted moisturizer on my face for bare minimum coverage, mascara and a touch of bronzer on my cheeks for color.
Hair, it's a toss up! ha ha Sometimes I do it, sometimes I wear a headband!

LOL... mommyhood kills yah!