Thursday, December 20, 2007

27 hours till they cut me open

I have been a very good girl about not worrying about my hernia repair tomorrow. However, the hospital called this morning for my pre op interview...and all those questions and all that information gave me the willies. She was like...we have you down for general anesthesia...i was you di int...and she was like...well i better call your dr...and i was like ...ya you bet ter. its all good though because it did say that I was scheduled for MAC...which after a little investigation revealed that it is a sedative that just reduces anxiety and puts you to sleep but doesnt shut you down. A part of me doesnt want it...but the other part says...garsh paula...just take the easy road for once in your life. so party is on! going to get wasted tomorrow at 2PM hopefully i wont remember a thing.

they are going to do a quantitative blood test to start the show. remember our little pregnancy test 101 a month ago? this is to just make sure i am not prego (bc we are not on birth control...but im not expecting to be or anything). then they start an IV. then they give me an antibiotic (great). then they give me a mild sedative (to shut me up i am guessing). then i give my mom a big hug (and try not to cry and make her sad...but if she starts it..then im hopeless...but im betting she will be super woman strong so as not to upset me hehe)and they roll me on down to the operative suite. sounds lovely doesnt it? i hope there is champagne and a whirlpool overlooking the ocean. next thing i should mom loving face and a ticket outta there. fingers crossed everything goes perfect..and i can be back at home with my son by 7 PM.

I am confident that the surgeon will be well rested tommorrow. I am confident I will heal quickly. I am confident there will be no complications. There hows that for a mantra?

So wish me luck peeps. I just want to get home and be with my son.

Did i mention he is ADORABLE? He tickles now...tickle tickle tickle he says as his little fingers lightly tickle you..and TICKLES!!! light tickles are more tickly than hard tickles i think. what about you?

Nana and Papa are on there way...should arrive by 3PM this afternoon. I cant WAIT to see them...and show off my son. They will be very helpful during the recovery too.

Peace out

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Swanwood Family said...

I'm bringing a dead stop to my running around madness to wish you the VERY best tomorrow and to tell you that I believe that you'll bounce right back. Your strength and positivity will take you far, that's for sure. I'm glad your mama is on her way. Hugs and lovies for all y'all!