Sunday, December 9, 2007

baby got puke

Grant is throwing up sick. Just started tonight while we were grocery shopping. He got me GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. We ended up just taking off our shirts and wearing our coats. Poor little guy. He wants to eat and nurse but just keeps horking it up. Little guy went to sleep on his own...wanted to nurse but just couldnt hold it down Should be a very interesting night. Wish me luck. If things dont get better I will stay at home with him tomorrow.

Stay warm


Angela said...

Awwww! I'm sorry Grant isn't feeling well! I hope you don't come down with it either, nothing feels worse than a ralphing baby AND a yacking mommy too.

I hope you get to stay home tomorrow and get some rest- snuggle in and feel better!

Paula said...

Hey Angela....whats your blog address? I want to visit.

Angela said...

I think you've already been. I have my own www. It's

There is a little family drama going on a little further back lol. It should all be said and done with now though.

I bookmarked your blog once on Mothering, and have been stalking since. Hope you don't mind!

Paula said... I know you! Yes I have been visiting you...just didnt know who "you" were.

I like your very deep and thought provoking posts!

you should write your address on your posts...if you want to share with others. blogger used to allow linkage to blogs on other sites..but they are being buttheads presently.

thanks for visiting! said...

Ahhhhh, ok. I had a site, that would redirect to my site, where I have more flexability as to what I can do. I guess that's not there anymore! Do you mean to put my web address in the "nicname" field? I'll see if that will work.