Sunday, December 30, 2007

Best Mom of the Year Award...

Goes to my MOM!!!

How is this for nursing the winter blues?

I have been in a slump. I wont bore you with the details...although a rant and rave pity party sounds good to me at times...but overall...I got the winter blues in a bad way. So this morning...she noticed I was in a rut..and offered to fly me out to Florida in a couple meet them for a few days!

At first my life flashed before my eyes...I saw Grant screaming while on flight...and running down the aisle one step beyond my grasp mischeviously gigglin...I saw me alone with a 17 month old, a stroller and carryon bags..standing in line waiting to escape the plane. So I figured I might as well STOP thinking and start booking the flight :).

I was able to find a non stop flight on Southwest. Hopefully they wont cancel that flight and screw me like they (Midwest) did last time. I ended up with multi hour layovers that trip. I have something to look forward to and it has boosted my moraled tenfold!

Sure do have tons or work to complete before the 10th though! Florida here we come!

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