Friday, December 7, 2007

Im doing the friday dance im doing the friday dance....wooo hooo...and its even almost over! i had a fun day today..even though i spent too much money. how come it works like that?

left work at 9:45am (went in just to check email) for the chiropractor.........AHHHHHHHHHHHH...omg seriously...that felt sooo good. i was LONG overdue for some of that wacky adjustment stuff they do...and im telling you...i felt YEARS younger upon leaving that fine establishment. she asked me was was going on with my back..and i said it was "crunched" from cosleeping and grant nursing all night last night. she fixed it..said i was due for a tune up! love that place. have i mentioned they treat children for FREE???? thats another post i wanna do bc its beautiful is good chiro work on children...especially those with ailments.

then i bounced over to the girlie midwife for one of our most favorite things in the world..a pap! almost ashamed to admit this...but i had fun! that was a first for sure. she greeted me with a hug and said how happy she was to see me and how it felt like forever even though it was only 2 years..and we just chatted about grant and the birth (which i LOVE to talk about as anyone who knows me can testify) and before i knew it it was over and she hugged me again. i didnt even feel anything painful. now that either means i am sooooo stretched out from birth that splunkers could have an outing down there without me knowing....or i really just was completely distracted the whole time. im praying its the latter! either was the best pap i ever had period.

oh and btw..she said it sounded like i did just have a very early miscarriage this past cycle...made even more evident if this next cycle is text book (or normal for me etc). she also laughed about my husband being dead set about not having any more children...but not using any protection heheheh. i love him.

then i treated myself to a very nice lunch at a kinda fancy italian restaurant...being one of those lonely cat ladies with a good book..dining solo... i tipped very well and decided to run out to do some shopping..which is so unlike me. but i needed to seize the moment...bc if grant or my DH is with tense and rushed ...even if they are not rushing me...i just have this sense of in...lets get out of here before an entire diplay is broken on the floor kinda urgency. so i went and i conquered and i was inspired..and it was cool. im so excited about my little present crafty kinda thing im putting together. if all goes well im going to post them in my etsy store! fingers crossed. for now i will keep the project to myself in case things go terribly wrong and there is an explosion and people get hurt. but soon...i will unveil the....hint here....substance....hehe. and no im not a drug dealer (thats plan b hehe)

so i slide on into work around was sweet!

the weather here is supposed to be god aweful all weekend with ice and snow and frigid temps...time to cozy up and love oneanother.


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