Monday, December 3, 2007

The Arizona Candy Climbing Girlie Bits Continuum Post


Shew this day has FLOWN by. Dont you hate it when work gets in the way of bloggin.

Talked with Arizona tea just a bit ago. I was disappointed they never apologized but was happy that they want to do testing on the UFO to determine what it is and why it is there. Her initial feeling was that it is indeed growth that occurred do to an air leak in the bottle. They use no preservatives. I just find it hilarious...that just after posting about my yearning for a lands on my lips! Of course I dont really know whats in this i shant save it. is just SO coinkidink (co-ink-ee-dink)- term i often use for things that fall between divine intervention, self fulfilling prophecy and sometimes irony, originally inspired by the book Celestine Prophecy.

Grant is wonderful, fabulous and delicious. His nose is still not running! He does has a very very mild dry cough...but thats only like 3 times a day. I think he is fighting something which is cool by me! Im still giving him an echinachae suspension to give him extra fighting power and of course lots of mama milk (which i read that beyond 18 months can give still him 31% of calories and 38% of protein a day!). Over the weekend we worked on the colors yellow and blue. He doesnt have it down pat yet but he sure does like saying the words! His yellow is DARN cute! Ive tried to count how many times a day he gets hurt...but its impossible. Im guessing somewhere between 10 & 20 ouchhies a day! Its hard being a toddler..very clumsy! Lots of stubbed toes and head bumps. Especially now that he is climbing..oh boy is he climbing! If I dont watch him he is on top the kitchen table!

Made a an appt for friday to have my girlie bits inspected. oh so much to look forward to this month! However...besides the fact that its been over 3 years since ive gone, my arm pit is sore again...and it would be a smart thing to have it looked at before too much time passes. I might insist on some blood work just to be proactive.

gearing up for my big candy cane hunt this saturday! its hard to believe this is the 4th annual already! have i really been here this long? goodness. im excited to see grant participate. should be adorable..will post pics!oh crap...just remembered i need to empty santas i can start penning personalized letters from the north pole. the ultimate irony here is that although i play son wont get the pleasure of believing in him. however...he can enjoy him as a story. i would just feel wired lieing to him. how does that work at your house? FINALLY reading The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff! GREAT READ thus far. Im hoping to get DH to read it too. Will review once I finish and hopefully wrap my brain around it.

hope you are having a phenomenal day!

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