Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Scrooge IS Santa!

holy hump day....that went fast. my boss has been out because his sweet mammy passed on. alone i have been attacking the senior christmas party, the candy cane hunt and santas mailbox. its been fun though. even though we at home dont really celebrate christmas in all its glory...i sure do pump it out for the community at large. i have certain folks on my tight arse about not having a tree...even though my 2days from being 17 months old son would indeed scale & terrorize it causing us many melt downs, strains and other ailments. we arent even getting him a present hehe.

tomorrow night we are babysitting! its been forever since we attempted such adventure. grant's best friend TJ and his 8 year old brother keith are coming over while their parents get crazy at a holiday office party. im kinda looking forward to it...or maybe its just the casserole she promised to send over for compensation...yum yum.

well im going to go play with grant...usually involving trashing his room with every toy he has and then some. im sure some rock climbing and bungee jumping will round it off.

oh applying for a VERY VERY cool job ( thanks lindsey 4 the heads up!)and im just so excited. its actually in the field that was my original inspiration for this degree. the position is as a park naturalist...where i would be in charge of environmental education....ooohhhh im lusting. unfortunately that requires the process of applying...YUCK. its so damn tedious. however...its coming along. Im having to pull some rabbits out of old thats been challenging. wierd how college seems ions ago...even though it was just a little over 3 years when i was in that state of agony learning institution.

sweet dreams little birds


Anonymous said...

Ya know-people with little kids have Christmas trees all the time! Just because you have Grant doesn't mean you can't have a tree. He has to learn sometime.

Paula said...

I guess we just dont feel like dealing with it. A tree would be like an "attractive nuisance" which is illegal :)

baby~amore' said...

Grant is so adorable.
my DH won't let me put our tree either with our twin terrorists ready to conquer and destroy it.

baby~amore' said...

we (I) got a small tree and it stand on the dinning room table LOL -no presents till Christmas eve after the babes are in bed mind you.

This morning my t2 climbed and stood in the middle of the kitchen table - no camera handy heehee - Little monkey.

Ps How do you do the code for words with line through ( crossed out ...)

Paula said...


thanks for commenting.

good idea about keeping the tree up high...but grant is also on the table as is your little monkey. Yikes!

regarding strike outs....i will have to email it to you...html is not allowed on the comments i have learned :)