Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow Tease

Man weather events are all the rage! It draws more folks to the television than the OJ trial i do believe...and I admit I'm one of them. I never watch the news...unless I want to hear the weather. I dont know why I do it! I fall prey to their crystal ball fortune telling...even though I know they are half guessing. Even with all the fancy gizzmos they use these days to predict weather...they sure are wrong a lot! And by the time it is supposed to snow (3 - 4 days after they start teasing you) I am downright looking forward to a blizzard! Bring it on! I have been getting excited over here...hoping to play in it..and enjoy a winter wonderland. I have postponed major travel and bought extra let it snow damn it!

Then the long awaited hour comes snow. In the middle of the night I peak out the window...sure is a draft coming in....but no snow! Morning comes and you guessed snow...well unless you count a dusting. What a bummer! Why all the hype (oh ya...$$...silly me)? They say its cause a dry air pocket developed over the although everyone around us got it...we didn't. I don't care what you call it...where is my snow?

The good news IS snowing..and I think we may have over an inch even. The grass is almost covered in a blanket of the white stuff and my sour puss is getting jolly again. I really need to stop watching the weather forecasts though...they just set me up for disappointment. I would rather be surprised!

oh we are not going to lie to Grant about Santa...but I feel like he can still enjoy him...or from the looks of it...not enjoy him. Its a good thing to fear something this creepy. I had to smooth talk dear husband to allow this event. He think it is absurd...and it kinda is..but this was free and was so much fun! You should have seen the cookies and punch! These pics were mainly to appease the grandparents..they will love it! I'm glad cause its all they are getting for xmas :) (not really..they are the only ones we buy for).

Happy weekend!


Stacy V. said...

I love the Santa pics! They are exactly as they are supposed to be. Crying one minute, sort of handling it the next! ha ha

No snow down here...and I really don't want any. Is that wrong of me? I think the 15 inches we had to deal with one weekend last year was enough for a few years!

Stacy V. said...

You can have ours! We got a few inches last night. People here DO NOT know how to drive when it snows or ices, so yikes. I get to stay home today. =(