Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ahhhhhhhhh sleepy time

Wow what an exciting roller coaster this whole circumcision debate has been. Thank you MDC community for rallying (those who played nice), and thank to Shannon (blog author who got all excited about my comment) for giving it such energy.

It was really a great day overall...and I must admit that the unfolding online drama was really satisfying. I am glad folks are conversing about circumcision. I am glad people are talking with their coworkers about it. I am glad people are getting riled up about it on either side...because it means they are thinking about it...and it isnt getting lost in the shuffle of the birthing business. Thanks to all who participated (there was a lot of dialogue at the MDC site...but that post has been removed because some meanies from Shannon's posse joined just to cause mayhem...shame on you). It really surprised me that she acted like a super investigator and followed all my links to find me there (i assume thats how she found my thread there???). she even joined to do so. i am honored.

for those of you who missed it...i will highlight just a couple of the MDC posts (i would have posted more..but since the thread is down..i had to hunt through my "trash" stash...which is very time consuming...):

from me in response to her posting a few times at MDC: I really hope everyone can pull together here and be decent.

Through all the smack...what I read...was that Misguided is interested in not circumcising her son...but at this point in time...gigantically pregnant and full of raging hormones...its hard for her to consider changing her plan...especially when dealing with that fact that im sure her dh is completely against it. yes those are odds that dont favor change. but essentially there really still is time!

Misguided...if you have even a slight hesitation...I urge to postpone the circ till you are ready. There is no reason why it must be done immediately! Take some time to clear your head and move forward when you are comfortable. Its not something you can take back. But it something that can happen in the future...ideally at your son's decision.

I hope your brother in law is aware that he can easily have the circumcision operation! If he still decides not too...that tells you something about the process! Besides...there are PLENTY of women who hunt out intact men! If i was single i would totally be on the prowl :wink. peace sister misguided....dont go getting all stressed. this is just the online world...that i might add got yourself into by posting here! however...what is real is that your son is scheduled to be dismembered in a few days or so. :dizzy:

From Misguided Mommy (her online name): paula444four I did come back to read your post. It was very nice thank you. I would like you all to understand something. I am not upset, I'm not even phased by all of this, I am stronger then that. The only reason I ever responded was to provoke a discussion on my blog and it worked. I also never thought I was coming here for sympathy or for you to understand me. I came here simply to respond because it is my right to do so. I've discussed this more with my husband tonight and he is annoyed that people would be so mean to me, but in the end we agree that it is the best decision for our kids. I wish you all the best and it seems you made the right decision for your family the same way I will for my family! end quote was quite the ride and i was thrilled to be apart of it. again thanks everybody. (sure im sad she hasnt decided to postpone the procedure...but at least we had the discussion albeit through posts and online insanity)

my super obedient son (hehe) loves the "time out" game (he made it that! im not sure this is a good thing but we are going with it for now..and btw...he does go there when he really is in trouble too)oh and this is very timely bc i read that shannon has a son who puts himself in time out...once again an example that we are on the same planet here.

here is grant playing with the recycling rack (kazoo in hand)

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