Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Homeward Bound

Rock is the kind of day that mocks routine. I love it. We get off at noon...and my boss said we dont have to even pretend to be busy hehe. Then Im off to dollar general for yet more hgt tests and grant a pair of mittens. The cold front has come in and winter is here to stay im bettin.

Homeward bound for a so looking forward to that. Ive even decided to leave grant at day care while i do so. That way he will get a good nap (because i wont be disrupting him right before his regularly scheduled day care come home and get all wound up)...and I will get a good nap (because he wont be keeping me up or disrupting my snooze). Yes i want to see him...and yes a part of me it tempted to just go pick him up....but honestly....we will both be better off if i just go get him later.

After we catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzs....we must pack. Packing for 2 is soo much more overwhelming challenging than just packing for myself. Grant requires lots of clothes (kids are messy and accidents do happen), toys, meds, snacks, sensitive soap, stroller, backpack carrier, DVD player and selection of baby Einstein dvds, shoes,socks, coat, hat, jackets, mittens...hmmm am i forgetting anything?

I bring a variety of meds just to be prepared. The nebulizer tags along just in case...and I bring the broncho saline solution along with the serious drugs. We only use the saline unless things get really bad! This is so awesome. When we were following drs orders....we started administering massive amounts of xopenex (bronchodilator) and pulmicort (anti inflammatory steroids) at the first cough! We are seeing the same results with just saline! Very Very exciting. Plus overall we just needs meds less...ahhh. I do bring the oral steriod just for an emergency...but we havent used it yet and hopefully never will. I also am bringing his homeopathic mix of horsehound and other good herbs. In fact...I gave him a dropper of that last night because he made an ugly cough that I didnt like the sound. He took it like a big boy too and was awarded a sticker:). OH....and now grant has a very very ugly yeast infection diaper rash poor fella. Im wondering if he could have gotten that from me via breast milk? Still looking into that one. (warning tmi: but i have a yeast infection...and rarely ever fact the last time i had one i was prego). But im excited to be treating it homeopathically as well. I am using a weak solution of vinegar and water! Fingers crossed! Oh and we are pushing yogurt.

So anyhoo...after the packing is complete, grant is bathed and jammies on... i load the car (solo...oh that sounds fun)we go out to pick up daddy from work at 8PM and then off we go to ST Louis for the holiday. Im praying that grant sleeps almost the entire ride! His bed time is between 8:30 - 9:30 so we have a good shot here.

Im thinking I will be able to post from the between kisses and hugs and feasting and farting.


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Stacy V. said...

OMG! I completely understand the packing for two now! It was a slight nightmare trying to prepare for two nights in Columbia. And then I only changed her clothes twice! ha ha