Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Vaccine Debate

Im sure every mother dreads those well baby visits that should really be called the"lets give your perfectly healthy baby 9 toxic cocktails" visit. Umm...did i write that out loud? Oh ya guess i did. Anyhoo.

yes we all dread the shots...but some for reasons more complex than just the ouchie factor.Turns out...vaccinations are not perfect. In fact they leave a lot to be desired. Its one of those situations where you need to do your own research and make an informed decision for your own family (however difficult that can be)...otherwise the business of "mandatory vaccs" and scheduled well baby visits will turn your child into predictable cash flow and unfortunately chemical overload.

Elizabeth over at the Whole Family wrote a great post on 11/05 about her incredible experience at the LLL conference where she was lucky enough to hear Dr. Sears talk about his stance on vaccinations outlined in hisnew book on the subject. Please check out her post...she took notes and there is some very valuable information every parent should know.

Once again what is normal...needs to be reevaluated. I admit...I go back and forth on this issue. So far I have chosen a moderated and delayed schedule for my just turned 16 month old..and even then i have some guilt and concern. Right now we are choosing to not give anymore vaccs. The risks of the vaccs are potentially more hazardous than the diseases themself. However...

"Vaccinating is not all or nothing!!! You can choose to only give select shots or do all of the shots on a delayed/extended schedule or to do none at all. Do your research and choose what is best for your family" wrote Elizabeth. Please...go check out her post!!!

Another ,in my opinion ,GREAT post about the world of vaccinations is at the Swanwood corner of the world...dated 10/05 (scroll down)

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