Saturday, November 24, 2007

from the marriott


Its saturday night and we are crashing at the marriott so i have access to the internet. man...i had no idea how addicted attached i am to it! i missed you ole girl. anyhoo....

no i have not started my period. no i have not passed a pregnancy test. i have been spotting for two days im not sure what that means...but i do know its not "like me". i mentioned to my sil that my under arm had been sore for a couple weeks...and she was very concerned. i will have talk with the dr about that at my monday appt. a part of me is worried that all of this strange girl stuff could be something more serious. but im trying to not think about that for the time being.

i hear my sweet boy crying and coming towards i best say tada...and post again tomorrow night.

hope your holiday was rockn!

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