Monday, November 26, 2007

The Return of Aunt Flow

Aunt flow arrived this morning!

By this time in the drama...its 90% relief...and only 10% disappointment. I cant believe i had a week and a half of terrible pms! Plus i never have spotting or a week + of cramps leading up to it. Its possible that i did loose a baby...but im not going to focus on anything other than the fact that i can move on and get my hernia fixed.

So thats that.

**edited to add: i do think it was a chemical pregnancy now that i have looked into it. most women dont have symptoms or observe anything other than a period that is a few days late. its very very common. learn something everyday.

"Due to the fact that in a chemical pregnancy a fertilized egg does not implant into the uterus most women do not experience signs and symptoms of pregnancy (ie. tender breast, nausea, and / or fatigue). There are a few reports of women who have been pregnant in the past who state that they felt pregnant with their chemical pregnancy. There may be mild abdominal cramping as well as mild spotting just prior to what most women think is their normal menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle usually begins on time or a few days late."

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Angela said...

I'm glad you finally got an answer one way or another. Limbo is not a good place to be, especially having to worry about all that coming up with a surgery too.

I hope your surgeon is patient, kind, and has all of the "right" answers for you. Comfort and trust in the hands that are doing that kind of work is more than necessary.

I wish you the best, sending hugs your way!