Monday, November 5, 2007

Co Sleeping Arrangements

What a fabulous weekend. My mom came up for a visit and dave left town so it was girl time (with the exception of grant but he is pretty like a girl). I knew i needed winter clothes so the plan was to get er done. Grant visited his first mall and he liked it...but as usual i detested it and remembered exactly why i dont frequent such places. However, I did load up on warm soft things and so the trip was well worth it.

I love seeing my mom with Grant. She is such a fun Grandma (or nana we think she is becoming). She loves and adores grant like i do and we have fun just enjoying him.

I took a picture of our sleeping arrangement for your viewing pleasure (entertainment). We took our king size mattress off the frame and box springs to be as close to the ground as possible. When grant falls off...I want it to be as short a vertical flight as possible. As some point I brought in his little crib mattress...with the grand idea of having him sleep on it next to us...and its still a grand idea...but we have yet to do it over night. Its just too much trouble moving him back over there after he nurses. has turned into a delightful step / toy / fun place for granto. He digs it seriously. And a couple times it caught him on his way over that was awesome. Thought you might enjoy a glimpse into my nightly quarters..i admit its slightly unique...although i do recommend sleeping with your babies and keeping the mattress low low low.

So off to work i go...must catch up on many things...hope to blog again soon!

Have a great day!

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